A few questions and facts to ponder……

A few questions and facts to ponder……

Did you know that exercising can be as effective for mental health as anti-depressants?

Do you make time for your health or do you just wait to pencil in sickness?

It takes just as much time and energy to stay active in addiction as it does to stay active in recovery…. which one will give you the best return on investment?

Do you know that a good belly laugh can release the endorphin’s that can make you happier and healthier…. the chemistry is pretty much the same as morphine… but without the risks…..

What do people do when they are scared? Hint; hold their breath …. it is a natural reaction…. but did you know that learning how to deep breathe will help you in fight or flight situations…… and it can become a natural reaction…..

How many times a day are you grateful? Grateful to breathe, grateful to have family, food, a home, a car, your health, choices, to live in a safe country with clean water…..

Sadly- many times it takes tragedy to wake people up, to feel blessed for what they have and to appreciate life.

Do you realize that you have more good in your life than bad?

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on what you could do for yourself that you have been waiting for others to do for you?

Take a few minutes to reflect…. Realize that you are fortunate and do have the time to do this…

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