A superstar or one of the pact

A superstar or one of the pact

A recent study reveals there are a few superstars and the majority of people are about average. How often do men desire to be superstars? There is nothing wrong in trying. But the evidence is that most won’t make it. It is not there in the biology. In any field there are those who outperform the rest by miles. The top salesman, the best entertainer, the star hockey player. There are always a few, but they are very few.

In anger management men with limited self esteem desperately are reaching for the top obsessively. They go from one wild attempt after another seeking the nirvana of a silver bullet, and then all will be well. Life is not like that. Getting real with who we are, what are our strengths and limitations are the key questions that successful, average people ask themselves. They Find the answer and work within what they know and accept.

So much is time is wasted pursuing the impossible, leading to depression, frustration and anger. Along with feelings jealousy, envy and resentment. Stuck in a cycle of having to be better than all the rest they live in a fantasy world overshadowed by self imposed shame of personal failure. It is all in their heads.

Accepting one’s abilities is the starting point to moving ahead. What’s getting in the way?

Nigel Turner

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