Addiction Hurts

Addiction Hurts

“Without sounding cold and malice, these articles are becoming a daily newsfeed. If it’s not our city or town, it’s a place in Ontario , BC, Alberta , Nova Scotia that is feeling the affects of mental health and addiction.

We cannot stereotype and say it is a certain sex, age, or social and economical pocket of people. It is affecting young, the old, the rich and poor , the educated and uneducated, the working and non working individuals who are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.  They are teachers, students, health and legal professionals, emergency workers, trades people , athletes, IT brainiacs , successful business owners  etc etc
There are many doing safety sensitive jobs and caring for children daily …. which should be a major concern for the public.
The solution is not rocket science ….Invest in proper treatment which would cost much less than putting bandaids on every time someone is brought to a doctors office or triage continuously using tax dollars to support individuals debilitated by their mental health and addiction. We are continuously spending money on health professionals, EMS workers , officers of the courts, CAS workers , probation officers, ODSP, etc etc with virtually NO return on investment. We wait till they break the law and spend $165,000++++ per year to lock them up.
We don’t understand why Tax payers and politicians aren’t mad as hell and demanding supportive services to address the issues facing hospitals and families  every day. Current processes would fit the definition of insanity ….
Instead we pay thousands a day to put bandaids on people who with support, could work towards getting their health and wellness back and be a actively participating in our society. 
Current processes would fit the definition of insanity ….
PLEASE SHARE and Let’s get people talking about demanding solution based changes instead of the stats that only share the travesty of the problem.

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