Addiction is a FAMILY illness

Addiction is a FAMILY illness

Hi, My name is Tammy Francoeur and I am a family member who has dealt with a loved one with an addiction.

I may not have been addicted to any substance myself, but that did not stop me from suffering from
the affliction of my husband’s addiction.

He wasn’t sleeping properly—– I wasn’t sleeping properly

He wasn’t eating properly— I wasn’t eating properly

He wasn’t doing the things he used to loved to do—– I wasn’t doing the things I used to love to do

He wasn’t focused at work— I struggled to stay focused at work and not get consumed with dealing with his addiction

He had pulled away from friends— I had pulled away from friends

He was ashamed of his behavior — I was ashamed of the things I had said and done too

He wasn’t attending family functions—- I made excuses to not to attend family functions

He wasn’t spending quality time with our kids—- I could not spend quality time with our kids

He was not following a healthy and steady routine—- My routine depending on when he needed me.

He lost 45 lbs because of his addiction– I lost 45 lbs because of his addiction

He was abusing alcohol and cocaine—– I could very easily have abused alcohol

He was in denial of his addiction– I made excuses for his addiction

He blamed me—– I blamed him

I think you will understand the point that I am trying to make here.
Most of you will understand exactly what I am talking about, and some of you might still be
in denial.

Denial keeps everyone sick. Doing what we have always done, keeps everyone sick. Accessing support and
listening to people who have been there or who are experts in addiction will help to get everyone
well again.

Ironically, when you access help-you don’t end up where you started— You end up feeling better than you ever did before.

We can help- we have been there too……

Please call us today 1-905-523-8369 and ask for me and let’s get you all on the road to Recovery!!

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