Addiction is a family sickness

Addiction is a family sickness

Addiction is a Family Sickness… one person abuses their body, and unfortunately, the family get sicks too.

When you love someone, and they are sick…. you feel sick too.

When someone is abusing substances you will find that many people are not sleeping well either, struggle to eat well, will rarely laugh and tends to cry a lot. It is natural for these family member to be feeling more anger and pain too. Family members get sick. They have anxiety, they have depression, they have bouts of diarrhea, they migraines, they have insomnia, they get ulcers, aches, pains and sometimes even cancer.

No one can stay focused on what is happening in that moment, and is it very challenging to stay present with your work and home life.

Families become unbalanced. Family members start to focus all their attention on everyone but themselves…. and then other People get angry at them for not paying attention to them too. All Kids suffer- they are innocent and don’t understand these adult issues.
Families will start to dread family functions. They will start to lie to themselves and those close to them. Everyone is very good at keeping secrets.

Everyone gets sick.

In a healthy recovery, everyone heals, reflects and empowers themselves to not just survive, but to thrive.


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