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Habitude Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Centre - Serving Hamilton, Toronto and the surrounding areas.

With one brief phone call, you can be one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. Habitude believes our clients and their families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at this most stressful time and will do our best to support you. When you call, you will be asked some questions about yourself, your lifestyle, your family dynamics, etc. This will help us to determine if Habitude is the right choice for you.

If you are calling on behalf of your friend, employee or patient, we will get as much information from you as possible to start the process, we will then schedule a time to speak directly to the individual coming to the program.

We will answer all your questions about our program and the admissions process. We want to ensure that your transition from home to treatment will be as smooth as possible.

An initial screening form will be required to proceed with application – this is to be completed and submitted for review by our Medical and Clinical team, once this process is complete, and you have met all requirements, you will be given a packing list, and an acceptance letter will outline the date and time of intake. For those interested, tours and consultations can take place prior to committing to the program.

Requirements to enter the Habitude Program:

  • 18 years of age
  • Medically and Physically stable to participate in program (Our doctors will help to determine your eligibility)

For more information about our admissions process, please fill out the form below:

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Financial Assistance

  • Habitude Addiction Program may be covered under some insurance plans or
    union plans. As well, some employers may pay outside of their company benefit plans to help employees.
  • Third party companies such as Health Smart Financial Services and Medicard
    work with individual seeking financial assistance for many types of medical treatments that are not covered under government medical insurance (OHIP,
  • Additionally, banks such as Scotiabank and Credit Unions may offer low interest rates with personal line of credits.
  • ** Clients paying with a US credit card will be charged in Canadian dollars. The actual amount paid will be indicated on the credit card statement following an exchange rate adjustment as determined by the credit card company. Clients paying by cheque in US dollars will be subject to the Canadian/American dollar exchange rate established by our Canadian bank. Actual fees for clients paying in US dollars will be based on the Canadian/American dollar exchange rate at the time of deposit.

Financing available through: