Meet Denise Halsey, Habitude’s Anger Management Specialist

Anger Management And Addiction Recovery

Meet Denise Halsey, Habitude’s Anger Management Specialist

Being angry primarily affects the person who is angry. Granted, anger can take many hostages along the way. Eventually, most healthy people will walk away from an angry person or learn to hit the mute button.

Friends are usually the first people to leave. Families will hang around waiting for change, but that doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t damaged.

Strangers won’t put up with it. They will cut the person out of their lives as fast as you can say GO. 

Police Officers, Probation Officers and Judges aren’t emotionally involved and just see that the behaviour is unacceptable. Being angry will affect one’s short- and long- term health and wellness. Physically they are at higher risk of headaches, digestion problems, abnormal pain insomnia, skin problems, increased anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke.

 “When an individual gets angry, the heart rate, arterial tension, and testosterone production increases, cortisol (the stress hormone) decreases, and the left hemisphere of the brain becomes more stimulated” Credit- Medical News Today.

Anger could be a positive and useful emotion if it expressed appropriately. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue how to use their anger productively—It has never been taught.

What has been learned or taught is that their anger is primarily used when they are feeling SCARED, AFRAID OR FEARFUL and feeling out of control or loss of control! Also, substance abuse and anger is another mixture that makes individuals lose themselves. When the effects of the drugs start to kick in, then the high aggression arisen can be dangerous to self and those around. There can be any number of negative consequences. Here, drug treatment for anger management or drug addiction and anger management recovery program is the solution. 

However, before undergoing treatment, one can ask a question to self like, “Is my anger moving me forward, keeping me stuck and leaving me behind?” Does it make me feel powerful or scared? Am I using my anger for positive change or because I am afraid of change? Do I get angry because I feel judged, I feel wronged, I feel lost and confused? If you are unable to counter the questions, then Denise can help YOU to answer those questions and help you to use your anger to create positive change in your own life.

Denise offers various dates and times for “Anger Management” Workshops/Groups and One/One counselling for:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Teens
  • Couples
  • Families

If you’re angry, maybe it’s time you met up with Denise!

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