Arguing with women

Arguing with women

Many men in anger management feel frustrated when arguing with women. They complain “Why can’t she think like a man?” The truth is she has a different body than a man, and a different brain. That is the territory and until he accepts this is the way it is, he will constantly be out of sinc..

Unfortunately this projection of how he wishes she should be means he lacks any awareness of the way his remarks are interpreted by a woman nor has he any sense or empathy as to where she is coming from. He believes the only way to deal with his frustration is to make her wrong. This is a recipe for failure.

Yet there is more wisdom in these men than they realize. Asked how do they react when a customer is ambivalent or refuses to buy, then what is it they must do? They know intuitively that making the customer wrong won’t lead to a sale. They know that the way to react to a difficult customer is to start asking questions about the customer, and what might get them interested. They have all the skills necessary to inter act with the customer when they are motivated.

Therefore is it such a stretch to use those same skills when conversing with their partner in the kitchen or the bedroom? I’s not rocket science.

Nigel Turner

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