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A Path Less Travelled – at least for today

John Vereecke of Turning Point Detox & Rehabilitation, is a man for all seasons. John brings his past business and marketing experience to this alternative, all natural, approach to detoxing & rehabilitation to those wishing to deal with their addictions to drugs and alcohol. But more than this, John is Turning Point’s supervising...

The challenges of long term abstinence from Marijuana

Symptoms during abstinence include:     difficulty sleeping anxiety mood swings physical tension stomach pain craving.  functional impairment     Typically these symptoms peak around 4 days. Some of these symptoms will gradually decrease over time and some will not. Without proper support, the emotional and physical challenges of long term abstinence can be very challenging. Anxiety...

What Works in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Offenders?

From an abstact in the Prison Journal dated December  2012 "researchers" Stephen J. Bahr, Professor of Sociology, Brigham Young University; Amber L. Master, Undergraduate student, Department of Sociology, Brigham Young University and Bryan M. Taylor, Graduate student, Master of Public Policy, Brigham Young University "reported that drug use and crime...