Depression and anger

Depression and anger

Depression is anger turned inwards. Instead of being angry at someone else we become angry at ourselves. We also look at everything else as overwhelming and there is nothing that can be done about it. Like anger we put ourselves in a helpless state. A lot of men in anger management are depressed.

What happens it eats away inside, with one negative fear feeding on another. The net result is lack of action and desire for apathy like staying in bed, an attitude of “I can’t be bothered” With that goes a lack of self respect. Unfortunately the thinking part of the brain, the frontal cortex shuts down leaving the emotions to run riot and overwhelm.

Depression comes for a reason. It is not helpful to say “I shouldn’t be depressed” the depression is there for a reason. It should be honoured, maybe for fifteen or twenty minutes and then put aside with the realization that it is getting in the way. It is necessary to get the thinking part of brain working as it offers protection.

Getting out of bed and doing some conscious exercising is a start, it helps produce endorphins. Along with the depression is a lot of anger about something. Recovery means recognizing the anger and then finding an appropriate way of expressing it. It is helpful to observe others and how they express their anger and see what it teaches one and then constructively use the anger as a way of protecting oneself.

Nigel Turner

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