Happy Centennial Anniversary Dr. Abram Hoffer!


Happy Centennial Anniversary Dr. Abram Hoffer!

In November 11 1917, a hundred years ago, Dr. Abram Hoffer was born. He was raised in a farm in western Canada, were he attended a one-room schoolhouse. Despite his humble beginnings, eventually he completed a PhD and MD degree specializing in psychiatry. Dr. Hoffer revolutionized medicine with the introduction of the Orthomolecular Medicine concept to the medical world.

As Dr. Hoffman stated “anyone who wished to become familiar with orthomolecular medicine may do so by simply beginning with a whole-foods, sugar-free diet, and a few vitamins”. As per his advice, the Habitude™ Addiction Program offers a comprehensive and integrative medical and holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction.

“The treatment that worked in 1960 is still working today. That treatment is called orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine restores natural metabolism with nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, in optimum quantities” Dr. Hoffer taught to all those interested in this new medical concept.

Our Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Residential Program focuses in stabilizing patients using an organic non pharmaceutical approach, while providing psychological and emotional support. Once stable, our program paves the transition back to everyday life by helping our patients and their families build up a set of tools to continue recovery from their homes.

With great respect from all of us that work at Habitude and follow Dr. Hoffer’s path, we wish him a happy centennial anniversary, and wish the world would follow him in his cause of bringing orthomolecular sanity into the psychiatry world.

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