5 steps to create a home drug testing program

5 steps to create a home drug testing program

How to set up a Successful Home Drug Testing Program

Tammy Francoeur, from Habitude Addiction Program in Hamilton, Ontario has come up with 5 easy steps to a successful home drug testing program.

This program can work well for teens, spouses, parents and partners. It is very simple to implement and very inexpensive for your peace of mind. Please remember, though the answers to these tests will be a quick answer for the one testing an individual – it is very important to get these individuals help and seek out professionals to support them in their time in need.

  1. Discuss the importance of building/maintaining trust in a relationship
  • important for all parties to have a mutual trust for each other. No relationship can survive or thrive without trust.
  • importance of re-establishing trust when trust has been broken and lies have been told.
  1. Discuss the importance of drug/alcohol testing
  • provides accountability in the event they are feeling pressure to use drugs or alcohol
  • provides a quick result rather than days or weeks of speculation
  • allows an opportunity to re-build trust again
  1. Discuss that tests will be randomly requested.
  • test will be done randomly and routinely for a minimum of 2 years
  • test will be done when there is suspicion of drug or alcohol use.
  • any resistance to testing and the assumption will be that they would fail the test.
  • there will always be a spare test in the event a test is damaged or tampering is suspected
  1. Parties will agree to sign a contract and sign below as shown.

Signatures _________________________________________________  Date _________

_________________________________________________  Date _________

  1. Parties will stipulate the terms of the testing and the pre-determined consequences in their drug/alcohol testing contract
  • This could include attending family mediation sessions and individual counselling sessions to discuss outstanding issues
  • This could include the understanding that when an individual chooses to use drugs/alcohol – they choose to leave the family home for a determined or undetermined period of time
  • The individual may be trying to stay clean or sober on their own and now realize that they need inpatient treatment. (families or individuals should determine what this option would be in advance or at least know the logistics of getting into treatment
  • If the family member is operating a vehicle or machinery or caring for children- then it is the obligation of the family to notify the authorities as they should not want anyone to be put anyone at risk when their loved one is testing positive for drugs/alcohol.


Customers can purchase the home drug tests from Habitude’s web shop.

For more information about the Habitude Addiction Program, visit our website at Habitude.ca

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