DRUGS inside Jail

DRUGS inside Jail

This happens more than people think- sometimes it happens in treatment or in hospitals …..

People who are addicted do crazy things and unfortunately under the mental health act…. there is not much people can do to stop it.

Drugs will be smuggled into these places. People will take risks and many times families stand in the sidelines and can’t do a damned thing about it.

It is natural to want to point fingers but unfortunately- addiction kills.

If people spent more time learning how to not enable people who are addicted, and focused on giving them consequences and accountabilities- MORE people would seek supports.

Families give their loved ones too many opportunities to lie, cheat and use- when they do not educate themselves.

The Judicial system has no emotional connection and just says – he or she broke the law and they must pay for their crime. So they end up in Jail – and then families bail them out and the cycle starts all over again. 

People always pointing fingers at each other – BUT very seldom hold the addiction responsible.

It is unfortunate when a person become addicted- BUT feeling sorry for them and trying to support them financially DOES not help- 

The person who is addicted has to get SICK AND TIRED of being addicted and the COST of using/drinking must be GREATER than getting help.

Families need to help to make those costs important enough for the person to let go of their egos or fears and get help too.

ASK anyone in recovery- They didn’t get help because it was wrapped up in a bow …. IT was a tough decision but losing family, partners, jobs, their health, and financial instability was a harder pill to swallow. 

The way we can help each other is to help each other be accountable for our own decisions too.

That includes families communities, employers, health care providers and judicial systems… There is no get out of jail free card when it comes to addiction.

Jail Death by overdose

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