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Education Workshop

As you can see, Alcohol and Meds just don’t mix…. Now, How about trying it med-free…. the holistic way?

Symptom/Disorders Medication (Brand name) Medication (Generic name) Some possible reactions with alcohol Allergies/Colds/Flu • Alavert® Loratadine Drowsiness, dizziness; increased risk for overdose • Allegra®, Allegra-D® Fexofenadin • Benadryl® Diphenhydramine • Clarinex® Desloratadine • Claritin®, Claritin-D® Loratadine • Dimetapp® Cold & Allergy Brompheniramine • Sudafed® Sinus & Allergy Chlorpheniramine • Triaminic® Cold & Allergy Chlorpheniramine • Tylenol® Allergy Sinus Chlorpheniramine • Tylenol® Cold & Flu Chlorpheniramine • Zyrtec® Cetirizine Angina (chest pain), coronary heart disease • Isordil® Isosorbide Rapid...