For Clients from Canada, United States and Europe

For Clients from Canada, United States and Europe

The Habitude™ Addiction is very Unique and the only one of it’s kind in Canada and quite possibly North America.

We understand that Addiction has no boundaries. Unlike most programs, we DO NOT surcharge our clients, who come from other Jurisdictions, Provinces and Countries. We have had clients from Southern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Greater Toronto, and every big city and small town in Ontario. We have had clients from British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and even Nunavut. We have had families look for this type of program from the United States of America and all over Europe.

We are centrally located and therefore, have access to 3 major airports. (Hamilton Int’l, Buffalo, NY Int’l and Toronto Int’l)

Our program is definitely worth the trip to Hamilton.

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