Gender Specific Programs for Men and Women

Gender Specific Drug Treatment

Gender Specific Programs for Men and Women

For years, we have been asked why the Habitude Inpatient Program is just for men or why we only provide “Men Specific Treatment“. The answer is simple. Gender Specific means the Recovery Program has been designed with the needs of that specific gender. The Habitude Program is an evidenced-based program, and the evidence clearly states that Gender-Specific Programs are in the best interest of the participants, meeting their specific challenges, wants and needs.

Unfortunately, Co-ed Programs are more of a cost-saving model as you are marketing to both genders and groups can be very generic in nature.  The problem as well is that men typically want to be seen as strong caretakers, and women want men to take care of them, so Rehab romances can be a big issue in Co-ed Programs.

We have been asked to help families and individuals find a program just like Habitude for women.

Unfortunately, there are no programs identical to the Habitude Program for Women only.  When we are asked that question, we ask ourselves, “Where would we send our Moms, Sisters, Best Friend or Partner?”. There are a few Women Specific Treatment programs in Canada that we have no issues recommending.

Habitude’s Virtual Outpatient Wellness Program is different. Some groups have been designed for women and address Co-Dependency Issues, Self Esteem, Anger, Relapse Prevention, Boundary Setting etc. The counsellors and therapists are all very experienced and can be an excellent support for women who have completed other programs, are struggling with substance misuse, anxiety, depression, anger or grief.

Case Managers help them to stay accountable to their Healthy Living Plans and can offer daily check-ins for additional support. Our experienced Life Coaches help keep them on track. There are several co-ed classes as well that can be done in the safety of their own homes or offices. These Virtual Supports work brilliantly for individuals needing additional support or who lead very busy lives and have lots of external responsibilities.

If you look beyond the specific needs of the sexes, our drug treatment techniques provide the same high level of support. From counselling and therapy, the medical detoxification process, life skills, relapse prevention training and finally to aftercare, our treatment services assist addicts in achieving long-term recovery. If Habitude’s Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs are something that could help you or your loved one- it’s pretty easy to get started.

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