Alcohol Recovery Programs



Healthy habits and a positive attitude … one step at a time! So why not plan it right?


Healing the mind, body and spirit

Habitude’s drug and alcohol treatment program supports a common-sense approach to withdrawing from substance abuse. A combination of traditional and holistic practices allows us to deal with the early stages of addiction recovery and create a life recovery plan that will be effective and supportive of your goals:

  • Medical and naturopathic supervision to help you overcome the physical cravings and unmanageable physical effects of acute and post-acute withdrawals
  • Supporting post-acute withdrawals with appropriate medication and holistic vitamin therapy
  • Reduce symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse withdrawal through daily acupuncture, meditation and other appropriate holistic healing techniques
  • Understand and resolve issues underlying your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol through solutions based on one-on-one as well as group counseling
  • Enhance your overall health and sense of well-being with a healthy diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables, along with a daily structured fitness regime
  • Create mental clarity that allows you to make better decisions
  • Utilize professional feedback and more accurate assessments of what your next substance abuse recovery step should be
  • Rebuild your life and relationships with support of a team that understands healthy living
  • Establish a strategic, effective recovery plan that allows you to truly benefit from the resources available to you in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse

Call today 1-877-523-8369 or 905-523-8369 and speak to a caring, qualified person who can help you make an informed decision on how to get addiction treatment help for yourself or a loved one. We will take the time to listen and support you in your time of distress from substance abuse.


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