Have you ever done the Math?

Have you ever done the Math?

Whether you are a family member or a person struggling with an addiction…..

What has Addiction cost you as of today?

Financially- have you compensated financially to help support the addiction- ( drugs, alcohol, rent, food)

Physically- is the addiction taking a toll on your health… eating more or less, sleeping more or less, etc

Emotionally- is the addiction causing you stress, sadness, frustration…

Socially- is the addiction causing problems with friends, family, lifestyle, job opportunities

What are the costs of not stopping the cycle ?

Financially- is this putting you in financial distress and providing a bad return on investment

Physically- health risks- heart, cancer, liver failure, death,

Emotionally- mental breakdown, bad decision making, over-reacting to situations

Socially– job loss, relationship loss, not attending family functions, losing licenses for trade, driving,

Is finances really the issue here? We suggest you do the Math!

Want a good return on Investment that is designed using a good common sense to wellness?

Bio-Psycho-Social Treatment

Physically – taking care of your body and addressing medical concerns.

Emotionally- taking care of your mental health and creating healthy supports to deal with issues

Socially- repairing damaged relationships, your integrity and reputation

Finding your self worth and purpose with a very common sense approach to wellness.

Creating healthy habits and a positive attitude, One step at a time!

Call today to find out more

Isn’t it time to start getting a great return on your investment.

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