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I Want Help

With one brief phone call, you can be one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. Habitude believes our clients and their families deserve to be treated with respect and dignity at this most stressful time and will do our best to support you. When you call, you will be asked some questions about yourself, your lifestyle, your family dynamics, etc. This will help us to determine if Habitude is the right choice for you. Habitude is a private inpatient treatment centre that specializes in alcohol and drug rehab for men.

Signs That Substance Misuse is Negatively Affecting Your Life

  • Wake up feeling sad or lost or angry
  • Spending more time alone or away from the people that love and care for you
  • Spending money on drugs, alcohol or pills that put your health, relationships or finances at risk
  • Hiding or lying about your drug or alcohol use from your loved ones or peers
  • Using substances to moderate your moods or escape from your own thoughts
  • Relying on substances to stay awake or sleep
  • Erratic work patterns and reduced productivity
  • Indifference to personal hygiene
  • Overreaction to real or imagined criticism
  • Increased anger or sadness
  • Change in physical appearance due to weight loss or gain
  • Unable or difficulty doing physical tasks
  • Showing physical signs such as exhaustion or hyperactivity, dilated pupils, slurred speech, or an unsteady walk

Why Get Help

Investing in your own wellness, will help you to repair and stabilize your body and your mind. Each person is different and will receive support to deal with the issues caused by the substance misuse and deal with the issuing causing the substance misuse. It is common for individuals to have comorbid issues meaning not just one thing contributing to their health and wellness. Habitude will evaluate and determine a strategic recovery plan that addresses and supports those issues.

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What to expect?

rehab for men
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Meet our professionals


Carolyn Rogers

Medical Doctor

My job is to medically assess patients on intake into the program to determine what their individual issues and needs are. I remain involved as a resource for the duration of their stay if there are new or ongoing medical issues that require attention.

My mission is to create a safe, supportive environment for our clients so that they can focus on their recovery.

My vision is to provide a truly integrated bio-psycho-social model of addiction management that draws fully on the resources of all of the professionals involved.


Christian Avila

Program Manager

My job is to develop, implement and supervise guidelines, policies, procedures and client treatments in the HabitudeTM inpatient program ensuring the safety and quality of treatment for our clients

My mission is to create a biological psychological social and spiritual recovery inpatient program which can provide knowledge, tools and skills to our clients that nurture healthy lifestyle that supports and enriches healthy relationships

My vision is to be leaders in transforming lives through the delivery of programs, integrating innovative practices and evidence based medicine.


Carla “Vanina” Noejovich


My job is to tailor a treatment plan based on each individual case. Healing from addiction and mental health issues is a long-term process.

My mission as a psychotherapist, is to help individuals to navigate through their own emotions so they can identify the roots of the problem, but also the strengths that will help them to get their life back.

My vision is to create a safe environment to actively promote recovery and long-lasting habit changes to benefit individuals and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this program the right one for me?

We accept motivated clients who seriously want change. They want to feel physically and mentally healthier.

2. Will my family be involved in the process?

It is important for your family to understand addiction. It is also important for them to understand why healthy boundaries are very important in your recovery.  Individual, couple or family counselling will be recommended to support your families needs and help you to create more honest and authentic relationships in your recovery.

3. What do I tell my employer or my customers?

The truth- You are taking some time off to deal with some medical issues that need your attention.