Here comes the sun……..

Here comes the sun……..

For a family member or individual to find a program that they finally feel will support them
in this time of doom and gloom, and stormy clouds- it is like seeing nothing but sunshine for
the first time in a very long time.

Granted there were days, when the sun peaked around the clouds—- But just like
any other time that big black cloud appeared and destroyed their enthusiasm for the rest
of the day…. and sometimes that feeling dragged on for days, weeks, and months.

They may have prayed for sunshine— but all they saw was one black cloud after another.
Some days it was hard to be to even remember what a sunny day looked like. Some days
when the sun was peaking it’s head out from behind a cloud- they wanted to turn
their backs; as it was just too frustrating to keep getting teased by the sun.

Some may have even stopped praying for sunshine- and accepted the overcast skies.

Some may have even started to believe that sunshine does not exist in their lives
any more.

Some became accustomed to living in a world that they perceived is covered in doom and gloom.

The reality is that like sunshine, Recovery does peak it’s head out once in a while and
it really is not always doom and gloom. Families are given opportunities to accept help
and to make changes in their own lives…. Some accept the help and do make changes….
some hang on to the fact that things will never change and don’t see how they are
part of the problem

Individual’s are also given opportunities for recovery. A good honest friend shares
their concerns for your health and wellness and offers support, an employer offers
treatment or consquences, your wife offers to stand by your side while you accept help, your kids
are compassionate and want you to get healthy and they want you in their lives… Some
take this generosity for stupidity and some believe they are not ready for sunshine and
feel quite comfortable in their own darkness….. some believe that the substances are
their sunshine and help alleviate cloudy days.

Regardless, at some point someone will accept help, die or be forced to deal with the
consequences of their addiction or their refusal to stop enabling their loved one.
Some choose to temporarily move towards the sun. They have accepted that they are
deserving of sunlight. They are open to learning how to surround themselves with more sunlight
and looking for ways to block the clouds.

When people come to Turning Point’s Habitude Program- they can see bright sunny skies or
they can choose to see it as a decision based on doom and gloom.

They can see it as punishment, or they can see it as a gift.

We have been taught that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…. and what one person sees as
a roadblock- others see as an opportunity.

Give us a call today and let’s see if we can help you create sunnier skies….


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