How to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol

how to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol

How to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol

Here are some tips on how to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol 

  • BE HONEST! or expect dishonesty
  • BE OPEN about your own experiences
  • DON’T LECTURE…. communicate with them
  • LISTEN to what they are saying and what they are trying to tell you
  • ASK them why they think people use drugs or alcohol
  • DON’T JUDGE them when they are being open and honest about what they are feeling, who they are hanging out with, or what they have done already.
  • EDUCATE them about why you are concerned about them making good choices in their lives.
  • LEARN together about the risks of drugs and alcohol.
  • BE CONNECTED to your child’s school, extra curricular activities and their friends. Know what they are doing and what is happening in their lives.
  • TALK to other parents about this as every parent will have this issue too- don’t keep it a secret
  • ACCESS SUPPORT- from your peers, and experts if you need help
  • OFFER healthy alternatives to deal with your child’s anxiety, depression or anger.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE any family issues that may be troubling for them and talk about it
  • ACCESS SUPPORTS to mediate, resolve or address any issues that are concerning to your child and their siblings
  • CREATE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES that are clear to everyone
  • BE ON THE SAME PAGE as the co-parent, grandparents or anyone who is important to your child
  • HAVE CONSEQUENCES that support the healthy boundaries.
  • WALK THE WALK and be a good role model for your child. Don’t do as you say….DO as YOU DO!
  • UNDERSTAND your differences and your similarities, but don’t allow this to be an excuse to abuse substances.
  • RE-VISIT their goals and help them make a plan to accomplish these goals. If goals have changed, talk about it.


Habitude has helped many families create strategic plans for healthy living. By talking to your child about drugs and alcohol you open the lines of communication for future discussions.

If you are interested in accepting support on how to talk to your child about drugs and alcohol – PLEASE CALL 1-877-523-8369 or visit our family referral page.

“People do maintenance on their cars to keep them running…… having family maintenance keeps your family in good working order!”


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