“If”— a mother’s poem for her son

“If”— a mother’s poem for her son



If only I could give to you

These gifts I think you’ll need

To make it through life’s journey

And help you to succeed.


I’d give you Strength to stay the course

And battle to the end…

To put to rest the demons

That call themselves your friends.


I’d also like to give you Peace

That comes straight from the soul

To calm you and to guide you

As you work on being whole.


And then there’s Faith in God above,

That he will get you through…

For with his love to steer you

There’s nothing you can’t do.


I’d give you Joy and Hope and Love

Wisdom, Courage and more.

For I know that armed with all these things

Your life you could restore.


If only I could give these things

If only it could be…

I’d give them all to you right now

And help to set you free.


In time I know you’ll find them all

You’ll stumble on the way

But get back up and see it through

Just take it day by day.


There is one thing that I can give

Since these things I cannot

A simple prayer to God above

With everything I’ve got.


For one thing I believe is true

There is a higher power

To help us when most needed

And share our toughest hours.


Tracy Delongchamp October 19, 2006


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