Alcohol Recovery Programs

Our Medical Team


Dr. Carolyn Rogers

Habitude Medical Doctor- Addiction Specialist

Dr. Carolyn Rogers believes strongly in the Habitude Program. She has personally supported and witnessed physical and mental health challenges that had remarkably positive outcomes from a bio-psycho-social and spiritual approach. In November 2011, while attending the Canadian Association of Addiction Medicine conference, presenters were just starting to talk about the importance of a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to the treatment of addiction. Dr. Rogers says she has never seen these types of outcomes in any other clinic, her own family practice, or any hospital since she graduated from McMaster Medical Program in 1990. She has not seen this in her work as the Federal Institution Physician for the Ministry of Corrections for the past 14 years either. Dr. Rogers believes that the Habitude Addiction Program addresses each of these facets of recovery in a unique and intensive way and remains the most cutting edge program in Canada today. Dr Rogers is a remarkable human being. She is compassionate, smart, and open to looking at things that most people in her position would not. She has experienced many non-medical modalities that she believes have had a positive impact in her own life.

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Dr. Shelly Linehan

Naturopathic Doctor

The role of a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine at Habitude is to assess the men’s overall health and wellness and develop individual programs tailored to meet their specific detoxification needs. Dr. Linehan said the unique blend of physical detoxification with sauna and vitamin and mineral supplements has a dramatic effect within days of starting treatment. “These men are able to think clearly, have significantly reduced cravings for their addictive substance and look ahead to a clean life,” she noted. “It has been a pleasure to work in this environment and see the benefits manifest so quickly.” Dr. Linehan’s approach to biophysical detoxification is rooted in basic physiology, and how the use of orthomolecular, nutritional and herbal therapy can not only support individuals, but truly optimize the functioning of those in recovery. Dr. Linehan medically monitors the men very closely with compassion and understanding. She has a true desire to see these men succeed in their recovery and is instrumental in helping them to build a strategic plan that will allow them to attain those hopes and dreams.


Dr. Carissa Doherty

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Carissa Doherty, is very highly qualified, having completed an Honours degree at the University of Guelph in Bio-Medical Toxicology in 2002. She is a well respected physician with a thriving practice in Burlington, Ontario.

Dr. Doherty has seen “excellent results” and proudly stated that “the client I have met are motivated and inspired to change their lives. I have had the honour to work with clients who have put their hearts into altering their health. This program supports their bodies and minds and allows them to be strong and healthy while achieving what they hoped – a substance-free future.”

When these addictive substances are withdrawn, the body remains ravaged by the damage. Without support, health is a long way off. With natural vitamin and mineral support, the body can repair the damage and eliminate traces of drugs and alcohol from the body.