“My Best Friend”

“My Best Friend”

My Best Friend

You have been with me in good times and bad
You have comforted me when I felt alone
You have comforted me when I felt scared
You have comforted me when I felt angry

You gave me confidence
You gave me courage
You justified my pain

I loved you
I embraced you
I gave you my heart and my soul
I gave you my body and my mind

I escaped with you
I glorified you
I covered for you
I traded good for bad for you

I pushed people away to spend time with you
I lied for you
I conned for you
I broke the law for you

You took advantage of me
You made me look foolish
You put my loved ones at risk
You put everything at risk
You put me at risk
You cost me so much

I loved you
I needed you
I hate you for what you have done
I don’t want you in my life

You are not my best friend
You are my enemy
You cause me pain and shame
I want joy and happiness
You can’t give me that
You are not my best friend.

Tammy Francoeur ( 2015)

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