How to stay fit at home


How to stay fit at home With the current Covid-19 pandemic, many individuals find themselves isolated and focus on what they can’t do. People are stressing about work, finances and family and lot of what ifs.  Subsequently, they may be feeling that their anxiety level is...

5 steps to create a home drug testing program

How to set up a Successful Home Drug Testing Program Tammy Francoeur, from Habitude Addiction Program in Hamilton, Ontario has come up with 5 easy steps to a successful home drug testing program. This program can work well for teens, spouses, parents and partners. It is very simple to...


Newstalk 1010 Interview

Tammy Francoeur and John Vereecke, co-founders of the Habitude Program, a residential inpatient addiction rehab program located in Hamilton join Ted Woloshyn on Newstalk 1010 to discuss the program....

stigma drug rehab addiction treatment

Habitude Podcast #1

Listen to the Habitude Addiction and Wellness Podcast #1, as we discuss information on our drug rehab and how we provide treatment from addiction.    ...

relationships and addiction

Relationships and Addiction

Alcohol and drug addiction is a societal problem that is steadily growing and contributes to the destruction of families and communities. Research has identified a strong connection between disrupted family relationships and alcohol and other drug addiction. Global News Dating and Relationship Show host Laura...

addiction in the workplace

Benefits Genius Podcast: Addiction in the Workplace

Tammy Francoeur, Habitude’s Cofounder and Community Relations Director recently sat down in an interview with Howard Kettner of BenefitsGenius.ca about addiction in the workplace. Howard provides training and guidance to Independent Canadian Insurance Providers....

accredited treatment center

We did it! We are an Accredited Treatment Center!

March 1, 2018 – Hamilton, ON Habitude is proud to announce the exciting news that it has successfully achieved accreditation with Accreditation Canada. Health care accreditation helps identify what an organization is doing well and where to focus its improvement efforts. Accreditation Canada is dedicated to working...


Ways To Cope With The Holiday Spirit

HOLIDAY SEASON can be a blessing or a curse. Many people enjoy the warmth and the spirit of gathering with those we love, to celebrate the idea of love and family. Some others would prefer to hide and never be found for the entire month...


” IF ” A poem from a Loving Mother to her Addicted Son.

IF… If only I could give to you These gifts I think you’ll need To make it through life’s journey And help you to succeed. I’d give you Strength to stay the course And battle to the end… To put to rest the demons That call themselves your friends. I’d also like to give you Peace That comes...