Without a healthy strong foundation- everyone is at high risk. Your family members would never invest or build a home and only focus on the paint. They  would hire experts to ensure the foundation was done properly and could handle the weight of the home. They would protect the home that they loved and their investment with regular maintenance.

So why do families cut corners when it comes to protecting their own families ???.

Turning Point’s 1st Step Family Empowerment Program is the first step for families:

  • PRE-TREATMENT- loved one is still in denial of their addiction.
  • IN TREATMENT- loved one acknowledges they have an addiction problem
  • POST TREATMENT- loved one wants to stay healthy

 “Customized Solution Based Recovery Programs” for the Entire Family

The Family is a key component to the recovery process.

Without a healthy foundation, the chances of a person being motivated to recover or staying in recovery are slim.

The Family System has been emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially impacted by their loved one’s current or recent behaviors and actions. The primary purpose of our family program is to educate and create an opportunity for self care that will allow the family members to heal from the anger, fear, pain, shame and suffering. Our Customized Solution Based Family Program provides a safe and therapeutic environment to recognize and discuss difficult issues, teach family members how to be supportive, acknowledge unhealthy lifestyle habits and heal together as a family.

This transition is often life-changing; relationships begin to heal  from the prolonged feeling of being confused, hurt, and misunderstood. The  clients and family members feel empowered in their own lives and begin to use new skills to continue developing healthy relationships with each other at home, at work, and in their communities. This information is crucial for families to development an appropriate Treatment and Life Recovery Plan.

Families who are engaged in the healing process,  and are open and honest  report that they have experienced significant healing of their own, unprecedented feelings of hope and joy towards their loved one, and a greater understanding of their role moving forward during this journey of recovery. They are extremely grateful for this experience.

Turning Point’s Habitude 1st Step Family Empowerment Program for families will:   

  • consists of two sessions – the first is 3 hours and the second is 1 hour facilitated by a Family Therapist 
  • help families to obtain a better understanding of addiction
  • provide an opportunity to address your concerns regarding your love one’s past behavior- no more secrets
  • give families an understanding of why boundaries are necessary
  • will empower families to be a part of the solution and not the problem
  • understand the continuum of recovery.
  • understand the importance of self care
  • understand why being accountable for our decisions and actions is a must.

 1st Step Family Empowerment Program is NOT:

  • Family counselling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mediation
  • Self-Healing

We require all family members to engage in a Self-Help Therapy with their own counsellor while their loved one is in treatment and post treatment.  This can be facilitated through Turning Point and is a fee for service support.  It is critical for families to learn to create a strategic plan that allows them to respond to situations vs react to situations with new found confidence. family members must be confident enough to start making the right decisions for themselves, whilst acknowledging and understanding the consequences of that decision.

Without this commitment, the chance of relapse is very high. On-going counselling and support is good maintenance, will mitigate chances of relapse and ensure that families do what is in the best interests of their loved one.

To find out what Family Packages fit your needs and budget, please call 1-877-523-8369


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