POOL or PROGRAMMING? What will help in one’s recovery?

POOL or PROGRAMMING? What will help in one’s recovery?

Whether it’s a family calling or the individual themselves, some of the first questions that they ask about Turning Point’s Habitude Program

is strangely enough about the amenities.


  • Do we have a pool?
  • Can they leave to go for a walk?
  • Are they living by the water?
  • Do we have chef’s to prepare their meals?
  • Does someone clean the house or make their beds for them?
  • Can they go golfing?
  • Can they play video games when they want?
  • Do they have their own room?
  • Can they work out at the gym a few times a day or for as long as they want?
  • Can they still do their work while they are in treatment?
  • Can family or friends drop by for a visit when it is convenient for them to do so?

Now my question is WHY is this important?


1.  Are they paying us to keep them occupied, happy, and content or are they paying us to find out why they are abusing their bodies,

and putting their relationships, employments, children, health and integrity at risk?

2.  Are we a host or are we hired to provide expertise in wellness and recovery?

3.  Would they rather spend program dollars on a chef or on additional therapeutic counselling?

4. Pool or therapeutic programming—-Which one will keep them clean and sober?



Call us if you are serious about Recovery.








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