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PTSD is real. The victims of PTSD have personally been affected by people, places and things. They are traumatized but that does not give them permission to traumatize others. They cannot use it as a badge of honor that says “I was hurt, so I hurt others”. They cannot use it as an “excuse” to hurt others. They have a responsibility to do no harm.

This may be easier said then done but it is a rule that protects other innocent victims. We cannot justify abuse of others because we were abused. Today, people can step forward and say they need help.

“I need help so that I don’t hurt myself or others”.

“I will do everything possible so that I can treat others the way that I wish to be treated or had been treated”.

“I will protect others from those things that I wished I had been protected from “

“I will access help so that I remember that every day. So that I don’t make excuses and hurt the People that love me or the people that weren’t a part of my past. “

“I will not use my trauma as an excuse to traumatize others”

” I know better and I know what trauma does to the body and soul”

“This generational trauma stops now”

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