Recovery Day Ottawa

Recovery Day Ottawa

Habitude™ is a strong believer in community engagement and for the 2nd year we have partnered with Community Addictions Peer Support Association (CAPSA) http://www.capsa.ca and the Recovery Day Ottawa event http://www.recoverydayottawa.ca

Although addiction recovery is a personal journey, community is an essential part of one’s recovery. Our purpose is to offer knowledge and guidance to individuals and broaden one’s resources by making them aware of the many types of supports within the community.

Our extensive experience shows that individuals who engage in a continuum of care program are more likely to maintain their healthy habits and positive lifestyle. On the other hand, educating community provides the necessary social support and understanding, helping lessen the stigma attached to addiction.

Supporting Recovery Day Ottawa through the #RecoveryAlly campaign means we adhere to their purpose and goals of:

  • Celebrate the many pathways to recovery in our community
  • Foster hope for those who still suffer in active addiction
  • Reduce barriers of stigma and discrimination directed towards those affected by addiction
  • Engage the broader community in support of addiction recovery
  • Build a platform for dialogue on increased resources for new and existing services in our community

For continued community support in the Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville area join in our Monday night recovery group


This Saturday September 23rd, join in our efforts by posting relevant information to addiction and helping us raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding addiction in our communities.

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