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Referring Medical Professionals

Many health care professionals recognize the overwhelming need for supportive programs in Canada to address drug and alcohol addiction. Referral to a treatment center is a critical component of your patient’s treatment process. It involves establishing a working relationship with a treatment center that will help with your patients transition into a program, offer full assessments and provide a comprehensive treatment plan that supports solution based recovery.

In today’s society, individuals are looking beyond traditional treatment programs for alternative ways of dealing with their addiction. Not everyone wants traditional treatment or is able to follow the same recovery plan. They want choices.

Together, individuals and their primary care givers and/or counsellors are seeking alternatives and using complimentary modalities to attain overall wellness.

At Habitude™, we understand the process is not always an easy one – some health practitioners face many  challenges,  including:

  • Limited programs that offer individual care
  • Long waiting periods
  • Finding a program that offers supportive aftercare options

The Habitude Addiction Program harbours an environment that offers privacy and personal attention in a small group format. Clients will benefit from our Bio-Psycho-Social programming, including individual counselling as well as many other complementary services.

The Habitude™ Addiction Program is Medically supervised by a Licensed Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor to ensure best practice. The Habitude™ medical team supports the detoxification process from a physiological perspective, focusing on Phase II detoxification in conjugation with well-researched nutritional biochemistry. Clients will go through different stages while in treatment which consist of Biological & Physical Stage, Psychological and Emotional Stage, Sociological Stage and finally the Transition stage.

In addition to supporting our clients, we also have a family component of the program offering guidance and support for the family.

What to expect?

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Meet our professionals


Carolyn Rogers

Medical Doctor

My job is to medically assess patients on intake into the program to determine what their individual issues and needs are. I remain involved as a resource for the duration of their stay if there are new or ongoing medical issues that require attention.

My mission is to create a safe, supportive environment for our clients so that they can focus on their recovery.

My vision is to provide a truly integrated bio-psycho-social model of addiction management that draws fully on the resources of all of the professionals involved.


Christian Avila

Program Manager

My job is to develop, implement and supervise guidelines, policies, procedures and client treatments in the HabitudeTM inpatient program ensuring the safety and quality of treatment for our clients

My mission is to create a biological psychological social and spiritual recovery inpatient program which can provide knowledge, tools and skills to our clients that nurture healthy lifestyle that supports and enriches healthy relationships

My vision is to be leaders in transforming lives through the delivery of programs, integrating innovative practices and evidence based medicine.


Carla “Vanina” Noejovich


My job is to tailor a treatment plan based on each individual case. Healing from addiction and mental health issues is a long-term process.

My mission as a psychotherapist, is to help individuals to navigate through their own emotions so they can identify the roots of the problem, but also the strengths that will help them to get their life back.

My vision is to create a safe environment to actively promote recovery and long-lasting habit changes to benefit individuals and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the referral process work?

Easy, provide your client with a copy of our Program Package and have them call us for Initial screening.

2. What is the doctors role after the patient has be referred?

As the primary care physician or patient counselor/therapist you may require reports. Given your patient has provided consent, our Case Managers can work with you to provide this information.

3. What should the referring medical professional do with the patient after treatment is complete?

Doctors and counselors can provide a continuation of care after the residential program is complete, or Habitude can work with your patient via our Outpatient Services.