Spiritual sickness

Spiritual sickness

Addiction is often described as a spiritual sickness, the same could be said for aggression and depression. What all these have in common is isolation and being cutoff. Spirit implies a connection between things or persons or another. In all these examples there is no connection between the individual and the outside world. The thought process is entirely within their head with no relationship to another.

It goes further than this, the spiritually sick person is not connected with themselves. Often they live in thought with no connection to their feelings. They are cutoff from their own essence and end up feeling ashamed of themselves and resentful of everything and body else.

We all have a life force if it is absent there is just a void. The universe is designed for connection, the cutting of that connection can only lead one way to further disconnection. At the same time part of the self rebels against that, the isolated are needy looking for connection, and get into co-dependent relationships, the angry person craves agreement which if it doesn’t come he attacks and alienates the other, leading to more isolation, the food addict consumed by a sense of hopelessness feeds themselves for comfort, the alcoholic is lost and drinks to forget, the crack addict desperate for intimacy can only do it when getting high, the depressed person craves self esteem and approval because they don’t see anything of value in themselves.

Connecting with that spirit is essential for recovery, it is the disconnect that caused the sickness in the first place. Whatever it looks like: a warm touch, a smile, an acknowledgement of a sensation or feelings, a blunt comment followed a moment of clarity all equal connection and a route to wellness and turning away from sickness. The need for grounding provides a sense of legitimacy for the condition. When that is understood the work of recovery will follow.

Nigel Turner

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