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For Clients from Canada, United States and Europe

The Habitude™ Addiction is very Unique and the only one of it's kind in Canada and quite possibly North America. We understand that Addiction has no boundaries. Unlike most programs, we DO NOT surcharge our clients, who come from other Jurisdictions, Provinces and Countries. We have...

A Path Less Travelled – at least for today

John Vereecke of Turning Point Detox & Rehabilitation, is a man for all seasons. John brings his past business and marketing experience to this alternative, all natural, approach to detoxing & rehabilitation to those wishing to deal with their addictions to drugs and alcohol. But more than this, John is Turning Point’s supervising...

As you can see, Alcohol and Meds just don’t mix…. Now, How about trying it med-free…. the holistic way?

Symptom/Disorders Medication (Brand name) Medication (Generic name) Some possible reactions with alcohol Allergies/Colds/Flu • Alavert® Loratadine Drowsiness, dizziness; increased risk for overdose • Allegra®, Allegra-D® Fexofenadin • Benadryl® Diphenhydramine • Clarinex® Desloratadine • Claritin®, Claritin-D® Loratadine • Dimetapp® Cold & Allergy Brompheniramine • Sudafed® Sinus & Allergy Chlorpheniramine • Triaminic® Cold & Allergy Chlorpheniramine • Tylenol® Allergy Sinus Chlorpheniramine • Tylenol® Cold & Flu Chlorpheniramine • Zyrtec® Cetirizine Angina (chest pain), coronary heart disease • Isordil® Isosorbide Rapid...