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Happy Centennial Anniversary Dr. Abram Hoffer!

In November 11 1917, a hundred years ago, Dr. Abram Hoffer was born. He was raised in a farm in western Canada, were he attended a one-room schoolhouse. Despite his humble beginnings, eventually he completed a PhD and MD degree specializing in psychiatry. Dr. Hoffer...

Recovery Day Ottawa

Habitude™ is a strong believer in community engagement and for the 2nd year we have partnered with Community Addictions Peer Support Association (CAPSA) http://www.capsa.ca and the Recovery Day Ottawa event http://www.recoverydayottawa.ca Although addiction recovery is a personal journey, community is an essential part of one’s recovery. Our purpose...

Don’t waste your money or time on programs that offer quick fixes or pampered recovery plans

Turning Point's Habitude Program is the only program that offers an authentic bio psycho social program in Canada We offer support for our clients, their families and their employers. We offer a common sense approach to addiction and do not PAY for referrals. Our families seek...