Thank goodness for Now and not then.

Thank goodness for Now and not then.

Tonight I realized that I totally forgot to honor John’s recovery date. The old John would have been ticked and used my lack of acknowledgement as a reason to be resentful and what would have followed was him swallowing his anger, finding a substance to numb himself or make himself happy…. I would have gotten upset, he would have gotten very angry ( aka his rage would have shown it’s ugly head) — it would have been a long evening, week or month of him feeling like the victim again and justifying his drug abuse and me feeling like I had done something so incredibly wrong to justify his behaviour.

Tonight, I realize that we have helped many, many families this week in crisis and provided hope for many. Tonight I realized that our kids are OK– they are doing well in school, actively involved in sports and dance and even though we have not been 100% attentive- they understand that our intentions are good and they are OK…. Dad and Mom still love each other and their home is stable. There is no yelling or screaming and no crying.

Tonight, I realize that although I didn’t acknowledge John’s recovery date- we are all OK and he is OK that I didn’t. He will understand that this week he and I put other families ahead of ours and are focused on getting them well so that one day they can do the same thing for someone else in need.

Today I celebrate 6 families that made a decision to get well.

Today, John can be proud that because he chose to get clean and sober- he is here to help another man get clean and sober and above all- healthy.

Today we celebrate Wellness….. Healthy habits and a fantastic attitude towards life….

Life is Good!

I am so happy that John made the decision to get well and has worked every day on staying well. One day at a time…. he is walking the walk and giving what was given to him.

I am one proud wife, mother, and woman to be a part of this experience. I am proud of my husband and our kids are very proud of their father. He is creating the life, he didn’t have… one day at a time  🙂

Tammy Francoeur

Co-founder Turning Point’s Habitude Program

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