Traffic pushes our buttons. As the hot weather comes so does road construction. Delays increase and along with it drivers lose it and cause grief to others. We have all been stuck in a line, not knowing what is ahead. Seeing it get slower and slower and the finally we see three lanes going to two and the two lanes going to one. We had planned for a thirty minute drive which has become forty five, fifty minutes even an hour.

Blood pressure rises, anxiety spews into our guts, space becomes territorial we wont give way, because that would mean they are taking ”My space” The slightest infringement leads to vicious thoughts and then some over the top reaction. In anger management men come in with descriptive stories of how this guy did this or that woman did something else.

These frustrations are natural. What to do? Screaming in the car at “you…… idiots” takes some of the pressure off. But being aware of consequences is the best prescription. Once you give the finger and they respond you are locked into “ I’m going to make them pay!” and unfortunately they have the same script. Someone’s going to win and someone’s going to lose.

There is no silver bullet. You may be late, you may have to apologize and feel embarrassed. You may say ”we are all suffering followed with “But I am suffering most” or “I hope they suffer more than me.” And if there is a feeling that ‘My life depends on me being on time” That is a reflection of a badly mismanaged life

Ultimately there is a lesson such this is summer- leave earlier. Expensive lessons.

Nigel Turner

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