When is enough is enough?-

When is enough is enough?-

Blog: by Tammy Francoeur, Director of Peer Support and Co-founder

This is a most unusual May for us. Typically we are filled to the brim and have many on our waiting list. But this May has been different. I am not sure if it because this year we had such a long winter and families are just kinda living in a twilight zone that the phones have really been quite slow for people reaching out for some serious help…. Don’t get me wrong- There have been many calls, but most have me shaking my head. Some are just looking for 5 days of detox for a 1-20 year problem for a small drug or alcohol problem ( their words not mine).

Logically, our team knows it is not because there is less people needing help, or that economy is so upside down that people can only afford to wait for government beds to become available. Nothing can be further from the truth. People are abusing everything under the sun. Too much alcohol, too much crack or cocaine, too much ketamine, or heroin, oxycontin, or benzo’s- and some have concurrent sex addictions, gambling addictions and food addictions. People handing money over to liquor stores, drug dealers, or bad business decisions because of their addiction. Kids losing their dad and wive’s living alone because of the substance. People are being put at risk- drinking/using and driving, or operating machinery, or seeing clients- absolutely ridiculous.

Co-dependency and denial are running rampant. Families are doing just as much lying, scheming and manipulating as those who are addicted. People are lying to each other and pretending all is well.
It is crazy. Finances are dwindling and enabling is at an all time high.

This month the calls have been unbelievable. People wanting to come off Ketamine but stay on their pain pills because they like them and their families don’t think they are a problem either. Others wanting to attend family functions and be tapered off just a little bit….. enough to go and not look high.

Families caring more about the quality of food then the programming??? Families telling us how long they think it will take to get the “job” done. Families crying because they supported their loved one going to a program that let them golf but didn’t require them to get well emotionally. The families are crying because ” they” supported this insane plan too.

For every 100 calls, we may accept ONE person into the Habitude Program. This month it is more like for every 200 calls- we might accept one person.

So I have to wonder, what the heck is going on. Is it because the nice weather is coming and people just don’t want to be bothered with finding the appropriate help for their loved one?
Is it because people are so tired from the long winter, that working on themselves seems like such a big chore.

I want to give everyone a reality check…..THE PROBLEM WILL NOT GO AWAY- BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO DEAL WITH IT!

Do you know what the definition of insanity is?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

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