Why Virtual Addiction or Wellness Treatment Works!

Why Virtual Addiction or Wellness Treatment Works!

Face to Face Counselling, Therapy or Groups are not always an option or the best option and yet there are still many people (patients, clients and clinicians) who believe Face to Face is best.

In 2020, they are just as many people who have changed their minds and are now open to either facilitating or attending a virtual appointment with online virtual therapists.

Some of the reasons came from actually participating in virtual work meetings, conferences, doctor’s appointments or virtual wellness programs and realizing that it was a much better experience than they had anticipated and, in some cases, the best experience they have had when compared to previous face to face appointments.

We all know that booking an appointment is way beyond just booking an appointment. The whole ordeal involves allowing time to get to the meeting, making sure you have a vehicle to use, or even enough gas in the vehicle, making sure you are dressed a certain way and have taken care of family needs first before you go out the door can be VERY stressful and in some cases more stress than they feel the appointment is worth.

Individuals who have tried virtual outpatient treatment love the fact that they can schedule appointments beyond 9-5 pm and can do it from their homes, offices, hotel room, cars, or cottage. They can even be wearing a cute top and a pair of pyjama bottoms, and if the appointment is an hour or the class is 90 minutes, that is all the time they have to commit too.

Experienced Registered Therapists and Counsellors have said that there is something about being in a safe place that allows people to become more honest. They have said that for many individuals going out causes them additional anxiety that they do not want or need. There is a certain amount of safety being at home and sharing truths behind the security of a screen. That is the power of having an online diagnosis and treatment.

Today there is the ability to build a collaborative addiction treatment or mental wellness plan that is comprehensive yet allows flexibility to choose times that fit best in your day to day life and does not interfere with their home/work responsibilities.

Having a 15-minute check-in works brilliantly and helps individuals stay accountable to themselves, their loved ones or work. Being able to schedule from a phone, IPAD/Tablet, or personal computer is how people want to live today. They need virtual reality psychotherapy that suits them.

Also, there is less guilt around spending a fraction of their money or someone else’s money on outpatient vs the cost of in-patient.

Families love it too, as they can hop online and book some self-help sessions, educational groups, family therapy for everyone in literally minutes. Once registered, they can participate in anger management groups, workshops, codependency groups, or music therapy. They can choose programs and services that support their needs as well.

Everyone is part of the collaborative and integrative care at Habitude, where everyone is important and their time too.

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