Woman’s view: “He Lied To Me When We First Met and I Married Him Anyway.”

Woman’s view: “He Lied To Me When We First Met and I Married Him Anyway.”

Men can be predators, like handing out candy to children they give out compliments as a process of seduction. If the woman is gullible and naïve she says yes How many men in anger management groups have said something similar? Some men use women others are needy and feel they have to have a woman in a committed relationship to feel safe. And at the same time go off and try it with someone else looking for the Holy Grail.

Eventually she gets fed up, fights occur and she is unhappy. He says she made him unhappy. Often men leave women they can’t make happy. But if they are using her she will pick up the vibes and find a way to call it quits. There are danger signals along the way, But he is busy ignoring them

The brutal lesson is unless the relationship is on sound footing bad things will come up sooner or later. Frequently when a man comes out of a bad relationship he goes into another one far too quickly, probably meeting a woman inexactly the same space. Rebound relationships are an expensive pastime and cause everybody a lot of grief.

If he is in a rush and doesn’t care he is missing part of the equation. Why is he in a rush? Why doesn’t h want to care? Avoiding the questions brings grief.

Nigel Turner

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